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About Us


Our church is a warm and welcoming community. We’re bilingual, multi-cultural, trans-generational, and family-focused.

We believe in the power of God’s word and community to transform individuals and families, and the nation.

Whether you’re a lifelong believer or just starting to explore your faith, we invite you to join us at TIR Georgia Church. 

Pastors Josue Caleb Sanchez & Irmarilis Sanchez 

Doing life together means

something for everyone.

Discover fun, fellowship and the many ways to be involved and grow at TIR GA Church.


God made us relational beings. When we walk and work together, we thrive. 


Spiritual growth goes beyond Sunday mornings. Join us for midweek services, Bible Study, and activities to fuel your growth.


We believe that we discover true purpose and experience transformation as a community as we serve others here and abroad.

Discover fun, fellowship and the many ways to be involved

and grow at TIR GA Church.


women's ministry

We're passionate about helping women discover and embrace their God-given potential.

At our women's ministry you'll find a sisterhood of women who are committed to journeying with you, supporting you, and cheering you on as you grow in your faith, develop your potential and thrive life.

Youth ministry

P.U.L.S.E. is the Youth Ministry at TIR Georgia Church. Based on Psalm 51, it stands for Pursue God's Forgiveness, Understand Our Brokenness, Lean on God's Mercy, Seek Spiritual Renewal, and Embrace God's Goodness.

We understand the unique challenges and pressures that young people face. At PULSE, we foster an atmosphere of fun, energy, and friendship where the youth freely ask questions, develop identity, faith and moral excellence.

men's ministry

We believe that strong leadership and authentic relationships are vital to personal and spiritual growth.

Our Men's Ministry is dedicated to equipping and empowering men to lead with integrity and build meaningful relationships that strengthen our faith and positively influence our families and the world around us.

kids ministry

Our Kids Ministry is an exciting and nurturing environment where children can grow in their faith, build lasting friendships, and experience the love of God in a fun-filled setting.

We believe that every child is a precious gift, and it is our joy and privilege to partner with parents in nurturing their child's spiritual journey.

At TIR Georgia Kids, we create engaging and age-appropriate programs designed to instill biblical values and help children develop a strong foundation of faith that will guide them throughout their lives.

young adult ministry

GenFire, short for Generation F.I.R.E. (Generation Fearless Ignited Relentless Equipped), is a vibrant community of young adults who are passionate about pursuing God's purpose for our lives. Inspired by Jeremiah 20:9, we are a generation ignited with fearlessness, relentless in our pursuit of God, and equipped to make a lasting impact in the world.

We believe that young adults have the power to make a significant difference in their families, workplaces, and communities we aim to equip you with the tools and knowledge to navigate this pivotal stage of life and become impactful leaders.

Together, let's fearlessly pursue God's calling, ignite our generation with passion, in relentless pursuit of Him to the world for His glory.


7:30 PM Prayer Meeting

7:30 PM Bible Studies

10:00 AM Worship Service

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22 S Williams Street  Winder , GA 30680

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